OCV’s Philosophy, Values, Strategy, and Expertise

Our leadership has decades of company-building experience across a variety of industries, including software with J2 Global (NASDAQ:JCOM), financial services with OFS Management, healthcare with Life Alert, and real assets ownership & operation with CIM Group.


People First

  • Life is too short; whether we invest or not, our relationship matters most

Trust and Transparency

  • We’re straight shooters and tell it like it is; we expect the same

Long-Term Mindset

  • We are reliable partners for the long haul through highs and lows

Strategy and Expertise

  • We are flexible capital, partnering with exceptional technology and healthcare Founders to help create asymmetric advantages
  • Our team has the experience of founding, backing, and scaling a unicorn startup from humble beginnings to an IPO and beyond
  • We understand the joys and difficulties of scaling a high-growth startup, so we want to help Founders at every stage of the journey
  • Our team has built startups that have scaled across industries and countries

With our decades of company building experience, we look to create asymmetric advantages when backing winning teams.