Zohar Loshitzer, Partner 
Zohar Loshitzer, OCV Partners
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Zohar Loshitzer is a Partner at OCV. Since 2005, Mr. Loshitzer has served as a Partner at OCV, where he supports the portfolio companies including as Board Member and CEO of Presbia PLC (NASDAQ “LENS”), and as the President and CEO of Universal Telecom Services, Inc. He has served as Executive Vice President of Corporate Strategy of j2 Global, Inc. (NASDAQ "JCOM") since 2001 and from 1997 to 2001 served as the Chief Information Officer at j2 Global. He previously served as a consultant to MAI Systems Corp. and as a General Manager and Managing Director at Life Alert Emergency Response, Inc., a provider of security services for the elderly, which Mr. Loshitzer co-founded. He has been a Director of the publicly-traded Advanced Cell Technology Inc. since 2011.

Zohar serves as a Board Member for the following portfolio companies:

  • Orca AI

  • Ossio