Focus on technology and healthcare companies where we have deep experience, and the OCV team’s diverse skill set can support our portfolio companies’ growth initiatives.

We boast a diverse team with cross-sectional expertise ready to invest in disruption in an era of digital transformation.

  • We are a nimble group comprised of founders, operators, scientists, and lawyers

We look for companies that meet our disciplined evaluation criteria that are scalable disruptive platforms.

  • Leverage our unique combination of operational experience across industries and scientific backgrounds to invest across domains
  • Employing our expertise & value add to create proprietary advantages​

We work with founders, management teams, and industry experts to grow businesses that are built to last and offer asymmetric upside. We deploy initial checks of up to $20 million in companies that:

  • Demonstrate recurring revenue traction through innovative approaches in the Technology sector
  • Have regulatory traction and substantiated scientific results in the Healthcare sector
  • Are typically post-product-market fit