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OCV partners across all stages of a company’s growth cycle, and finds creative solutions to fit our partners’ needs.

We work with entrepreneurs, talented management teams, and experienced industry experts to grow businesses that are built to last and offer asymmetric upside. We deploy from $5 million to $20 million in companies that:

  • Demonstrate revenue traction of $5+ million with unique intellectual property for information technology, e-commerce, media and telecommunications, and clean technology.
  • Have regulatory traction and substantiated scientific results for life science and healthcare.
  • Are typically post- “product/market fit”.

The firm leverages an operationally-focused strategy and has deep experience and an expansive network to:

  • Support and strategize to grow their markets and market penetration
  • Maximize commercialization potential
  • Navigate regulatory complexities
  • Modernize and develop digital strategy
  • Realize international opportunities
  • Access the broader capital markets