Rad AI
Doktor Gurson, CEO

“The OCV team are forward-thinking investors and built their own conviction as a great multidisciplinary team that understands our vision at the intersection of healthcare and technology. They focused on building a strong relationship long before investing and have been very helpful partners after investing, on everything from introductions to market strategy.”

1200 Pharma
Dave Licata, CEO

“I have been working with venture investors for over 20 years and I have found OCV to be exceptionally collaborative and supportive.  The diligence process was straightforward and efficient, in no small part because the OCV team was knowledgeable in the space and thoughtful in their questions.  I believe OCV is well aligned with our company vision and engaged in making it a reality. This was demonstrated by their active and constructive involvement in helping the company to overcome a specific strategic challenge in late 2020.”

Mia Funt (President) &
Ron Belldegrun (CEO)

“We set out to transform the infant nutrition industry at ByHeart, and to change the conversation around feeding for new parents. It has been a bold and challenging journey and OCV has been with us: as people-first investors and strong believers in our vision, they have been engaged champions of our cause, and facilitated a key partnership with a dominant market share player to help us drive forward with great momentum.”

Social Native
David Shadpour, CEO

“What sets OCV apart is the amount of time they spend with us. They don’t just give advice, they roll up their sleeves and help us get actual work done. Hemi had previously led successful M&As and integrations of over 165 companies. With his help, Social Native was able to acquire Olapic a significant international competitor, in the middle of a pandemic while overcoming issues of currency, language, regulation, markets, products, and culture – all remotely.”

Guy Bejerano, CEO

“OCV funded us as the COVID pandemic was breaking while many other investors were retreating. They confidently formed a thesis and invested amid global uncertainty and supported us ahead of market segment growth and high-profile cyber-attacks.  OCV’s ability to have conviction to invest regardless of macro sentiment in a bold and contrarian position is what sets them apart.”

Praxis Precision Medicines
Marcio Souza, CEO

“When building a sustainable company, it’s important to have investors early on who are deep in their diligence so they can act with conviction versus follow the status quo at the same time challenging the management team to deliver to its maximum. I found that working with OCV we got exactly that – the ideal balance of supporting the vision but also pushing us to the extra mile.”

Matthew Gregory, CEO

“OCV immediately recognized what we are trying to build and why we are unique.  They made a highly relevant introduction to a key partner for us before funding.  They also invested in us as people before we had the metrics to prove our thesis.”

Brian Verrier, CEO

“It was vital to align needed capital with vital strategic partners. The Team at OCV has delivered on both of these critical attributes. OCV has been very supportive and helpful partners, willing to engage, collaborate and lead in strategic areas such as making introductions and continued financial support when needed. Importantly, OCV has never wavered in their belief and support of our founders vision to “Transform the Patient Experience” and the “future of healthcare.”

Mark Lenhard, CEO

“OCV has a deep understanding of our business and they are willing to get down in the trenches with us from hiring to pricing strategy – no detail is too small. They bring unique operating experience that you don’t typically find in venture capital.”

Finch Therapeutics
Mark Smith, CEO

“It has been a pleasure partnering with the team at OCV as we scaled and validated the Finch platform. Their team was thoughtfully engaged from their initial diligence through to our IPO, developing and acting on their own conviction in the opportunities to transform patient care that we are developing.”

Figure 8
Maryellis Bunn, CEO

“OCV has delivered value beyond just capital by providing Museum of Ice Cream real estate industry expertise and access through their unique relationships. They have been an incredibly flexible and supportive partner through the different stages of our journey.”

Orca AI
Yarden Gross, CEO

“I was impressed with the depth of diligence OCV conducted. They spoke extensively with customers, partners, existing investors, and third-party experts which they independently sourced. They also started adding value before a deal was reached by making introductions to a large Japanese shipping company with which they had a close relationship.”

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